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Top highest rated vacuum cleaners for single people – reviewed by their owners


“It doesn’t mean I’m lonely when I’m alone.” That line is true. But leaving alone doesn’t mean we don’t need help. Single people have to take care of more house chores than people with family. Cleaning is the most time-consuming housework. Let’s see what are the Best Rated Vacuum Cleaners that single people use to save time for more important things in their lives by reading their stories.


1. A vacuum cleaner that saves money and time: Hoover Linx Lightweight Stick Vacuum SH20030


“I’m an office lady by day and an artist by night. I need to save money to buy art crafts and spend time creating art pieces. But that shouldn’t be the reason to leave my room a mess. I’m so glad that the problem is solved by purchasing the Hoover Linx Lightweight Stick Vacuum SH20030. This corded vacuum cleaner has strong suction power despite the compact design, pretty lightweight for a girl to use. I can clean my room quickly with this vacuum, and it doesn’t require much maintenance, so I can focus on doing the arts more. The price of the Hoover Linx also saved me some extra bucks to invest in my art career because it’s very affordable.” – Naomi S. (27 y.o)


2. Simple vacuum cleaner for the simple guy: BISSELL Zing Bagged Canister Vacuum 4122


“Growing up seeing my mom nagging about our bulky vacuum cleaner, there was a time I swore I would never use a vacuum cleaner in my life. But living alone in a relatively small apartment, I did feel the pain of not using a machine to help me clean things up. So I was on the quest of finding one of the best vacuum cleaner brands in the world for a single guy. And I think the BISSELL Zing Bagged Canister Vacuum 4122 is the one. Don’t judge it by its color! This vacuum is very easy to carry around and has the simplest control for us who don’t know much about cleaning. For example, you can use the foot toggle to change from cleaning the bare floor to the carpet floor. But I must warn you. This vacuum cleaner doesn’t have a brush roll, so it’s not really effective on high-pile carpets. But overall, the BISSELL Zing is perfect for guys who live alone and need some extra help on cleaning.” – Daniel R. (32 y.o.)


3. Cordless stick vacuum for pet owners: Dyson V10 Vacuum


“If you’re a single girl like me and you have a pet, you can understand the struggle of taking care of them and taking care of your house. Pet owners don’t care about pet hair in their home, but when there are guests, you should prove to them that you’re not an old weird cat lady that is anti-social. The Dyson V10 has helped me a lot with that. This cordless stick vacuum can pick up pet hair easily, and it doesn’t have a power cord, so your pets can’t ruin the machine with their chewing habit. I’m very pleased with the battery life as well. The Dyson V10 works decently even on a low battery so that I can finish my cleaning session with just one charge. It also doesn’t take much space to store, so you can safely put it away in a corner and give the free space for your pet as a playground.” – Hannah M. (35 y.o.)


You see, with the help of top vacuum cleaners and the Vacuum Cleaner Reviews , single people have a better life and have more chances to do things they love. So, if you’re single and still haven’t found the perfect vacuum cleaner to help you, maybe one of those suggestions can be your destined vacuum cleaner.



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